Governor Chafee visits downtown Pawtucket in support of revitalization efforts and the Pawtucket Downtown Design Plan

Photos by Douglas Hadden.

Final Report Released to the Public

Final Report cover image

The Pawtucket Downtown Design Plan Final Report is now available. There are currently three volumes in the project that can be viewed online or purchased at cost. The team wishes to thank the City of Pawtucket and all of the community participants in partnering in the downtown plan. The report may be done, but the work keeps going! Projects in development include:

  • regulatory changes are moving through the required steps and should reach the City Council process soon
  • the funded Exchange Street street improvement project is in design engineering stage
  • East Avenue Extension two-way conversion a city priority for implementation
  • Improvements for the city garage on Main Street
  • a partnership between RIPTA, the City of Pawtucket, and the Pawtucket Foundation to leverage grant funding
  • the design team, with additional resources from KeepSpace and Statewide Planning, is currently studying the Pawtucket Avenue & Division Street intersection and Exchange Street from Roosevelt Avenue to Dexter Streets
  • through the Pawtucket Foundation, the transition of this website into a resource in support of downtown efforts that can provide further updates as the work continues

... and Governor Chafee, Mayor Grebian, and new Planning Director Michael Davolio have all expressed their full commitment to fulfilling the PDDP projects.

PDDP Existing Conditions Report:
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PDDP Final Report:
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PDDP Summary of Final Report:
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Project Oversight by:

City of Pawtucket
The Pawtucket Foundation
Technical Advisory Committee